Welcome to Wingdow’s parrot blog!

As parrot owners of many years—and as a manufacturer of products for parrots—we have a learned a lot about the kinds of products that keep our birds both safe and happy.  In this blog, we hope to share some of the knowledge we’ve gained over the years about what constitutes good product design–with the goal of making our customers—and parrot owners in general—more conscious of the quality and safety of the cages, playstands, food, toys, and other items they buy for their parrots.  Although Wingdow is the author of this blog, it is not our intent to use this blog to sell our products.  That is the job of our website, should you choose to visit it.  However, in providing our perspective on what makes a good parrot product, we will of course highlight the qualities we endeavor to build into all of our products—and let the readers decide whether or not these qualities are of value to them.  We will also strive to bring other great bird products to the reader’s attention.  In the 10 + years we’ve been making Wingdow products, we have also been privileged to meet—and become friends with—other manufacturers of parrot products who share our commitment to quality, and we will use this blog as a vehicle for introducing our readers to their fine products.

We also hope to share some of the non-product-related things we’ve found that keep our parrots healthy, enriched, and engaged.  In doing so, we will share not only things we’ve observed with our own birds—but wisdom from other bird owners and friends we’ve made in the bird product industry.  From time to time, we will also share our views on issues that are important to us—and to all bird owners—in the hope that we will precipitate both enlightenment and discussion.

Finally, no blog about parrots would be complete without some words about the birds themselves.  All birds are extraordinary—but some touch our hearts more—and teach us more–than others.  We owe it to the world to share their stories.

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